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Literati Review (Club Neo)

I kept seeing ads for Literati popping up, and I mildly resisted for a while, but I am a sucker for a good box subscription, and let's be honest, the internet can be pretty persistent with its suggestions. So I browsed a little and discovered how it works:

There are different "clubs" depending on your child's age (Neo 0-2 years, Sprout 2-4 years, Nova 4-7 years, Sage 7-9 years)


Discounts on what you keep (Keep all 5 books 30% off, 1 book 10%)

Return what you don't want

So for $9.95 I decided to give it a shot, figuring I could easily cancel if I was unhappy with the results. Also knowing that I needed to add a couple more books to our evening repertoire, before the handful in our current rotation slowly drove me insane. My son is just under a year and we've gotten into a pretty good reading routine at bedtime. He is a pretty active fellow so sometimes sitting still is difficult, but he really loves tactile books that he can interact with, so the description for Club Neo also left me hopeful for some appropriately selected additions to our library:

"Club Neo opens the door to the wonderful world of books. Receive cozy plush books to cuddle, tactile books that encourage engagement, and age-appropriate board books that reinforce simple words, concepts, and the sounds and rhythms of speech."

We got our first box today and I am so excited for our bedtime reading time tomorrow. The theme for June 2017 is "Under the Sea".

Here is what we got:

Little Ocean Explorers by Anthony Lewis

This book has a little card with a picture of a boy and a girl that you can place in different flaps as you explore. I am certain we are going to have fun with this one.

On my Beach by Sara Gilligham

This book as a cute little crab finger puppet to keep your baby engaged.

Horray for Fish! by Lucy Cousins

This book has a simple story line and is full of bright contrasting colors.

The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen and Dan Hanna

This book has a cute story line but might be a little bit wordy for my son's attention now. I plan to keep it and will read to him as his language develops a bit more.

Ocean Wonders by Dorothea DePrisco Wang & Daniel J Mahoney

This book has great peek-a-boo pictures sliding out of each page but still feels nice and sturdy.

Plus, some extras! There was also a cute art print of a whale and some printed book labels with my son's name on it.

If I keep all five books, the total will be $30.77 (for a retail value of $43.95). I think I will be keeping all five and letting this subscription run for at least a few months to build up our library!

They also have the option of donating books which I thought was clever, as you're receiving five new books each month as long as you let this run. And shipping on returns (or donations) is free!


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