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The First Years Quiet Expressions to Medela Flange HACK

If you read my product review on The First Years Quiet Expressions Plus pump then you know, my biggest issue with it was the lack of sizing available in the flanges. Improperly fitting flanges are plain uncomfortable and can be more hurtful than harmful in the long run, so I knew I had to figure something out in order to be able to use it. I took a look at the tubing and the valves on the first years pump and realized the tubing was the same size as my Medela tubing, and that the valves were also a very similar design to the Medela pump. So I thought, why not try to use my Medela flanges and valves with this pump? Again, my goal with this pump is for traveling for a couple of short business trips, so I am not really looking for long term use, but wanted a rechargeable battery. A large reason I chose this pump is because I wasn't willing to invest $200-400 for a similar rechargeable pump, for such limited use. So, getting Macgyver-like to make it work, was a good option for me.

In order to get my proper fitting Medela flanges on this pump, all I needed to do was to cut off the end of the tubing on The First Years Quiet Expressions pump, and replace it with the small yellow part at the end of the Medela tubing. Warning: there isn't any going back from this! You will have to cut off the blue end, and peel the little yellowish beige piece out of the end of your Medela tubing. I happened to have old tubing from a Pump in Style I never use laying around, and if you've been pumping for a while you may as well, but if you don't have any extra tubing to spare, you can buy extra for minimal investment.

Here is a picture of the finished product:

And Voila! A rechargeable pump with flanges that fit for $65! Now wish me luck with the TSA.


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