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Busy Lady with a Baby (and a husband, too)

Busy Baby at around 6 months old

Like countless other new moms, obsessively googling, and connecting on social media have been an intrinsic part of my parenting journey thus far. I've devoured "mommy blogs" and pinterest, buying books and products that come at the recommendation of what seemed to be other like-minded mom's perusing the world wide web and trying to stay afloat amongst the complicated logistics of modern motherhood. I've clicked through to the next blog, the next discussion forum, and started following the next "instagram mom" on a nearly daily basis. Reading posts and feeling connected to what other women were expressing has helped me get through each new uncertain and constantly changing baby phase. Knowing these different experiences were "normal" (Really, what is normal anyway?) and that other moms and babies were going through the similar struggles and emotions, asking the same questions, has given me so much assurance. Now it is my time to share.

Another thought that struck me as I decided to start blogging is what an invaluable collection of the mothering journey these websites and social media accounts contain. My son's tangible baby book that I was certain I needed remains largely empty, with pictures lightly taped to pages (maybe I'll finish that some day). Most of the parenting decisions that I have painstakingly researched, and parenting philosophies I have collaged together into a thoughtful framework that works for my life, remain mostly in my head (and some have probably already left my brain space). For these reasons, Busy Lady with a Baby has been born, as a legacy for myself and my family and for any moms who may stumble across this while searching for their own answers. This first year of parenthood has been a struggle of making this lifestyle of two full time working parents fit with our parenting goals, values, and ideals. And with the logistics of the day-to-day! It's been far from perfect. It's been hugely stressful. Emotions have often run high. But watching our son grow and change so quickly has brought that combination of joy and satisfaction as well as the bittersweet knowledge that these days go much too fast.

I hope you enjoy reading and check back regularly for updates. I plan to share a lot of information related to my breastfeeding and pumping journey, as well as introducing solids and some recipes for homemade baby food (and healthy mama food too!) and all of the other decisions, recipes, DIY, products, etc. that lie ahead. As the cliche goes, there is no "how-to" guide for parenting (but there really should be one, am I right?), so this is my own version of a survival guide. Some of the "wish I would have" moments, creative solutions, product reviews, and projects that have helped us to keep our son safe and healthy, but also to enjoy the precious moments that seem too few and far between. Feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts!